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About Gilbert & Nash

100 Years of Innovation

Principles of Guiding book cover

In 1898 the Gilbert and Nash Company was founded with our invention of the automatic wire guide. We have been providing products and service to the paper industry ever since.

Many changes have taken place in the Paper Industry.  Machine speeds are steadily increased, therefore, accurate fabric, felt, and wire guiding is essential to maximize production and keep costs in check.

We offer innovative and common sense products that resolve guiding and tensioning issues inherent with other equipment on the market today, helping to control costly problems traditionally associated with tracking fabrics, felts, and wires.

The Gilbert and Nash Guide Division for the Paper Industry offers standard models within our Pathfinder series constructed in steel or stainless steel.  Pathfinder series guides are air operated with hydraulic dampening for smooth, trouble free operation.  Another feature is our unique positive feedback system that allows exactly the right amount of correction, making it the only air operated-oil dampened system on the market with the ability to minimize or eliminate fabric oscillation.

For the heavy duty or non-typical guiding applications we offer the TruTrack guiding system. This system operates using the same principals as our standard models and is designed to replace original O.E.M. equipment that is not performing optimally.  TruTrack guides can be custom designed to meet your site-specific requirements.

Our Tracker 2000 is the next generation in guiding ingenuity.  This state of the art system employs electronic technology and a CPU for infinite control of the smooth movement over a rolled thread screw.

Gilbert and Nash Company products have proven reliable for years of trouble free operation and if needed, we proudly offer a wide range of parts and service available directly from our company headquarters in Kaukauna, WI.

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