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paper rolls

Gilbert and Nash consulting service provides answers for guiding, tensioning, or suction roll seal strip issues. Our experience and knowledge base in these specialized areas has continually grown over our past century in business. We are proud to promote that knowledge and experience as a distinctive and valuable tool in our consultation service.

There are two components to optimal guiding. One is the guiding equipment. Guiding equipment comes in various designs from different manufacturers. The second component is the principle of the guiding process. We have the knowledge and experience that allow us to evaluate both components and provide our customers with options for many common problems such as, controlling oscillation, palm actuator failures, high maintenance costs, and others.

Gilbert and Nash provides engineering and design consultation for tension equipment used in the paper industry. Fabric, felt or wire tensioners, also known as stretchers, can play a substantial role in the guiding process depending on a variety of circumstances. Our unique vision into the workings and relationship between both guides and tension control let us see solutions that many times are overlooked.

Suction roll seal strips, end deckles, and load tubes are critical components for the proper operation of a suction roll. Gilbert and Nash will evaluate suction roll seal strip concerns and provide options pertaining to, excessive load tube pressure, seal strip design changes, vacuum opening modifications, deckle problems, noise problems, and more.

In addition to the consulting services we offer on site classroom training. Contact us for more information.

Topics include:

Guiding 101, Principles and Equipment
Suction Roll Seals, Facts and Function

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