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Our Products

The Gilbert and Nash Company offers innovative and common-sense solutions that resolve guiding and tensioning issues inherent with other equipment on the market today, helping to control costly problems traditionally associated with tracking fabrics, felts, and wires.

Guiding Systems

The Gilbert and Nash Co. has been solving belt tracking problems in a dependable and inexpensive way since 1898. Our guide models help control and prevent the loss of endless flat belts used in various manufacturing processes. Our guiding systems work on a highly sensitive air pressure system that senses out of line movements in the continuous belt and adjusts the belt back to a neutral position, without the use of a complicated actuator that needs continuous maintenance.

400-B Guiding System

An economical solution to belt tracking problems. The 400-B features versatile placement to control and prevent the loss of flat belts used in a variety of industries.

400-C Guiding System

The 400-C is one of Gilbert and Nash’s oldest work horses. This guiding system has a proven reliability record and operates primarily in the corrugated industry.

450-A Guiding System

The 450-A features air/oil-dampened cylinder which eliminates the erratic, jerky movements associated with air only systems.

460-A Guiding System

The 460-A features air/oil-dampened cylinder which eliminates the erratic, jerky movements associated with air only systems.

Tru Track Series

The Tru Track Series air guide systems solve wire & felt tracking problems in harsh paper mill applications, ensuring smooth operation, rugged dependability, and reduced maintenance.

730/830 HO Hand Guides

Hand guides, also sometimes referred to as “seam straighteners” help to provide a means to make very small corrections or adjustments to the guide roll during operation.

Air Command Palm Guide Actuators

The Gilbert and Nash Air Command Palm Guide Actuator replaces complicated high maintenance, unpredictable Palm Guide Actuators with a simple and easy retrofit.

Retrofit Model 2260 Palm Guide Actuator

Provides longevity with maintenance-free performance by lubricating the internal parts, allowing it to run maintenance-free for long periods of time.


Tracker CX and EX

The Tracker CX and EX Guiding Systems feature a low ratio gearbox for gradual precise belt tracking with a fully functional electronic cabinet and touch screen controls.


Gilbert and Nash Tensioners are designed and manufactured utilizing standard components and are custom-designed to fit your application.

Custom Built Tensioners

Gradual gearbox movements and screw design provide you with the durability and structure needed to provide constant tension on your belt or felt.

Seal Strips

Utilizing our proprietary formula and manufacturing processes, Gilbert and Nash’s MaxVac line of seal strips delivers exceptional performance and increased runtimes, while decreasing operational expenses.

MaxVac Seal Strips

Available in MaxVac Original (Traditional Rigid), and MaxVac Flex (Flexible).

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