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Air Command Retrofit Model 2260 Palm Guide Actuator

The Gilbert and Nash Air Command Palm Guide Actuator replaces complicated high maintenance, unpredictable Palm Guide Actuators with a simple and easy retrofit. Based off of the Gilbert and Nash Air Valve, the Air Command was designed to provide longevity with a maintenance-free performance by providing lubrication to the internal parts thus allowing it to run maintenance-free for long periods of time.


of the Air Command Retrofit Model 2260 Palm Guide Actuator


Stainless Steel Construction


Drilled and Tapped

For a Direct Fit from your existing OEM Actuator


Compact Design


Fewer Moving Parts

Resulting in less maintenance costs


Used in a Variety of Industries

All over the world

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What our customers say

about the Air Command Retrofit Model 2260 Palm Guide Actuator

“I like your Actuators. They make the guide positioning cylinders move more smoothly and are more responsive. When you set the guides, they stay set. I can see ther is vertually nothing about them that can wear out. Before putting one of your actuators on our Uni-run, I passed out on two occasions after being too long in the heat trying to get a setting.”

– Customer from New York

“The original slide type actuators we had on our machine were sticking occasionally and running fabrics off. So, every scheduled down, I had my E&I guy’s taking all the actuators off and cleaning or rebuilding them.”

– Customer from Wisconsin

“Installing your actuators seems to be paying off. We’ve talked about building a new machine in North Carolina or possibly Northern Indiana. If i’ve got anything to say in the matter, we will be putting your actuators on right away. Because of the problems and downtime the original actuators cost our company, the issue has already been discussed!”

– Customer from Georgia

“The original actuators on our machine have always been a problem. Shortly after rebuilding them, the balls and seats started leaking and none of the settings were right. Sometimesa spring inside will break and there is nothing you can do to make them dependable. My company installed a new computer program in 1998 in order to track capital costs and expenditures. My records show from January, 1999 to July, 2000 we have spent over $110,000 in parts and labor repairing/rebuilding the original equipment type palm guides. That does not include the damage they have caused.”

– Customer from Alberta, Canada

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